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Expert Piano Lessons in Fresno

My mission is to give every student the chance to become the musician they want to be.  Providing the skills to be confident and independent.  I help children, middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults reach these goals.  Regardless of age or skill level, I will enjoy working with you!

My philosophy and Teaching Style

Achieving Your Goals

Being able to pick up a piece of sheet music and able to play it with confidence and intelligence is the ultimate goal.  Having the skills to practice practicing the piano on your own develops to be an art form.  You develop a personal relationship with your instrument and the music that comes out.

Music Study Comprehension

If you have a child who wants an exclusive and comprehensive way of learning the piano, please reach out and let's meet.  Each lesson is molded to help reach you or your child's musical goals to enrich life.  Whereever you are in your walk of music, I am here to help you achieve your goals in piano - you do not need to have knowledge to start.

What You'll Learn

The Fundamentals of Music

What Music Will You Play?

I will help you play any genre of music.  In order to get you there, I believe that "classical" training is a must in order to build strong musicianship skills.  Most pop, broadway, jazz and rock music originates from classical practices.  I will focus on classical techniques, materials and pedagogy.  In addition, during the holidays, I will teach memorable pieces of music that are appropriate for you or your child's skill levels.

Performance Opportunities

During your piano lessons, I teach performance etiquette.  As a result, my goal is to put on two recitals per year.  It is also encouraged for all students to perform at home for family and friends for the holidays and events such as birthdays!   

What Ages Do I Teach?

Piano Lessons for Kids

I've been teaching piano lessons for kids since 2013.  If you have a child between 4-12 years old and can sit through a lesson and follow instructions, I am happy to teach!  Ages 4-6, 30 minute lessons are recommended.  Let's get together for a first free lesson!

Middle School and High School Lessons

Whether you are wanting to learn something new or you are part of a music group like marching band, drumline, jazz band, choir, I can help you be the best musician in your ensemble.  If you are preparing for an audition, competition, concert or seeking a scholarship, I will help you succeed in those music goals.  I am looking forward to working with you - let's set up a meet and greet!

Piano Lessons for Adults in Fresno

It is never too late to begin a musical skill!  All ages can learn to play the piano and grow as a musician.  I provide an exclusive 1-on-1 instruction that will encourage you to enrich your life to the fullest.  Contact me and let's get started!

My Piano Lesson Program in Detail

I offer weekly private piano lessons at my home studio or in your own home.  Lessons offered are either 30 minute or one hour sessions.  If you are in need of anything different, please let me know.  

Fresno Music Lesson Cost & Enrollment

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