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Where I strive to provide the best quality piano lessons in Fresno, CA.

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Chad is an incredible music teacher. His expertise, knowledge, and professionalism is evident when he teaches. Chad wants you to succeed and inspires you to achieve beyond what you imagined. He is patient and ensures you understand the concepts and terminology.  I am so grateful to have found a music instructor like Chad.   - Loretta (current piano student, 2024).

Confidence and Potential as a Musician

At Fresno Music Lessons, I am here to help children, teens and adults reach their personal musical goals in life.  Living a fruitful life with quality piano lessons and music education will enlighten many aspects of an individual.  If you are interested in classical, pop, jazz or even music from a movie, I am here to help you reach your goals, musically.

I accept all levels of students, whether you are just starting with no experience or an intermediate musician, let's get in touch! 

Instruments I Teach


Fresno Music Lessons offers piano instruction.  I love helping all ages learn the piano, from children to adults.


Fresno Music Lessons offers drum lessons.  Are you part of a drum line or in the percussion section at school?  Excellent option if you are interested in learning the fundamentals of percussion.  

What You Will Learn in Our Fresno Music Lessons

Music Fundamentals

At frirst, you will learn the basics of your instrument.  How the instrument is played, how sound works, posture, and valid techniques.  After we get these basics down, we will continue to have fun playing meaningful music with practice techniques using the "practice practicing" method.  On top of that, we will get into playing actual pieces of music.

I help students be able to learn to read music right away.  This includes time rhythm and time signatures too.  I want to build a solid foundation for my students so they can flourish within their chosen instrument.  

Music Theory - All Levels

In adition to learning how to play beautiful music, a large part of lessons with any instrument is Music Theory.  Music Theory is the in depth study of the "how music works."  I use a separate book of instruction with this study which will be applied to our everyday music practice.

Composition and Improvisation

Composing, or writing, your own music is a great addition to piano or percussion lessons.  This gives you the ability and skill to practice your own creativity and thought processes.  Putting this skill to use gives you a sense of being an independent musician knowing what you write is yours!  Improvisation is the same thing - being able to put to use all your skills and play something is solely only yours and played by only you!

Private Lessons

I offer lessons for all ages and levels at my home studio or in your own home.  I believe having a strong 1-on-1 relationship with all my students is vital in regards to my practice as a music instructor.  I will help you get to where you need or want to be within your music journey as a musician.

Start Taking Lessons Today

If you'd like to learn more about piano or percussion lessons at Fresno Music Lessons, please reach out and let's get in contact.  I'd love to hear from you!  I offer lessons all year round and are accepting new students now!  Want more information, please contact me.